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SEIU challenging Democrats who voted against health bill, forming third party in North Carolina

by: rossl

Fri Apr 09, 2010 at 15:44:56 PM EDT

(After all the noise coming from the far right in regard to the healthcare bill, it's reassuring to see labor unions taking the lead in creating an alternative movement of their own and going after conservative Democrats who refused to support HCR. These unions have found a friend in the WFP--something for the GRP to think about...   - promoted by michael horan)

Apparently inspired by certain Democrats voting against the health insurance reform, the Service Employees International Union - a union representing over 2 million workers - is surprisingly planning to work against Democrats this election season.

Perhaps the strongest challenge to Democrats, if not the Democratic establishment itself, will be in North Carolina.  The national SEIU is working with the State Employees Association of North Carolina, its state affiliate, to form the North Carolina First Party.

rossl :: SEIU challenging Democrats who voted against health bill, forming third party in North Carolina
The only text on the party's website says,

For too long parties and politicians in Washington have worked more for their own political self interest, or worse, corporate special interests, instead of the hard working families of North Carolina.

That's why members of progressive groups across North Carolina, including the State Employees Association of North Carolina (SEANC) and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) began work to form North Carolina First to ensure that politicians put middle class families first and not their own special interests.

North Carolina First is on the ground talking to voters. Right now, North Carolina First is gathering signatures to determine whether toqualify as a state party - to give working families the ability to choose a candidate that will fight for their interests - or to identify Congressional candidates who will stay accountable to the needs of working families not Washington's special interests.

And confirming the thought that this is not to challenge the Democratic Party itself, but to challenge individual Democrats who voted against the health insurance bill, is Jim Morrill of Campaign Tracker:

Spokesman Greg Rideout said they have about 10,000 of the 80,000 or so required signatures. He described the effort as an alternative for disgruntled progressives...

Rideout, a former aide in the N.C. Justice Department, said the movement isn't aimed at any particular person or party. But if the effort does manage to get on the ballot, expect candidates in U.S. House races in Districts 7, 8 and 11. They're the homes of the three Democratic members of Congress who voted against their party's health care bill.

And in New York, SEIU is allying itself with the Working Families Party and against a Democratic Congressman who voted against the bill, Michael Arcuri.  The Utica Observer-Dispatch reports:

The state Working Families Party and 1199 SEIU United Healthcare Workers East union announced Friday they will be withdrawing support of Arcuri for the November election...

The union has 275,000 members in the state and several thousand in the district.

John Furman, a member of the state Working Families Party Committee, said the party also is recruiting candidates and having preliminary conversations because of concern that Arcuri is siding with the insurance industry instead of his constituents.

"We feel it's a litmus test for candidates to show that they do represent progressive, core values," Furman said of the health care vote...

In 2008, Arcuri received 9,454 votes on the Working Families Party line and defeated Hanna by 9,919 votes, party spokesman Dan Levitan has said...

On Friday, the New York State AFL-CIO union, which represents more than 2½ million people in the state, also sent Arcuri a letter signed by more than 20 labor leaders from across the state expressing their sense of betrayal at his decision to vote against the health care bill.

Already, a few progressives are doubting SEIU's sincerity.  At Firedoglake, David Dayen writes in a post titled "Wake Me When SEIU's 'North Carolina First Party' Runs a Candidate:"

I've been saying for a while now that the vaunted "accountability moment" that labor and Democratic allies will run against those in the caucus who voted against health care is a mirage. I don't know how many examples people need. First the primary challenger to Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin was talked out of the race, then Jason Altmire's challenger realized he waited too long to make a serious run, then Stephen Lynch's possible primary disintegrated...

SEIU isn't really at war with the Obama Administration. Andy Stern was just appointed to the President's deficit commission. They may have problems with some of the Blue Dogs in North Carolina, to be sure. But the third party route is just destined to be squelched by national Democrats.

This analysis of the union's intentions, however, should be taken with a grain of salt.  Later in the piece Dayen advocates a strategy of challenging Blue Dog Democrats in the primary rather than as independents in the general election.  Also, Dayen incorrectly asserts that SEIU is challenging the Obama Administration, when they actually supported President Obama's health plan and are running candiates against people who voted "no" on the health bill.

It remains to be seen whether SEIU is sincere or not, whether candidates will emerge to challenge these Democratic Congresspeople or not.  In any case, it's a situation worth watching.

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Anti-healthcare bill votes are gonna come back to haunt 'em (5.00 / 1)
While I'm still unhappy with the idea that voters are basing so much one issue--the idea that any so-called "progressives"  supported Scott Brown because they felt that the healthcare bill didn't go far enough appalls me beyond belief (we're already paying the damn price for his ascension-well, some of us are), and that a new ad-hoc party is forming simply to counter Democrats who felt that it went too far has me scratching my head a bit--I'm nevertheless genuinely glad to see the unions flexing some muscle, and showing that they are willing to back up their support of the healthcare bill and the working people it will indubitably assist. I'm dying to see a real backlash against those who voted against it, Democrats and Republicans alike,and I suspect that by November we will.

As for Lynch, while Harmony Wu just bowed out of a primary contest, there IS an independent candidate mounting a challenge. His name is Phil Dunkelbarger, he ran against Lynch as a Democrat in the primaries a few years back, and if you live in his district (9th Congressional), I hope you'll consider supporting his campaign. Never a fan of Lynch myself, I was disgusted with vote on the healthcare bill. He fell prey to the sentiment of the moment, feared that the teabagger types would support a GOP candidate--and TOTALLY misread the  signals (as more than a few folks have, as everyone cherry picks the surveys and interpretations that best suit their own conclusions).

Burn, witch, burn.

About the Working Families Party (5.00 / 1)
Or should I say the Working For Democrats party.

The WFP in NY, while it occasionally gets press for bucking the Democrats, works hand-in-hand with them 90% of the time. In fact, the WFP often endorses machine Democrats over progressive challengers just to curry favor with the big boys. Also, some big recent WFP corruption scandals have provided red meat for the union-haters. But after you crawl into bed with the corrupt NY Democratic Party, you're bound to get up with something nasty.

It's nice that they'll very occasionally show some spine, but the WFP does more harm to progressives than good. They get fat checks from Dem bosses, and I guess that was enough for them to falsely claim that Cindy Sheehan endorsed the WFP ticket in 2006 (she really endorsed the Greens, the only party with anti-war candidates... but we didn't have anything like the WFP's advertising budget to get the truth out). Greens in NY missed our ballot status target by less than 10,000 votes that year, while the WFP raked in votes for Spitzer, Paterson, and Clinton.

Maybe I'd have more tolerance for their corruption and anti-progressive strategy if they weren't trying to suppress the Green vote, but the last thing progressives in this country need is more WFP clones.

thanks for clarifications... (5.00 / 1)
Good to learn all this--most of what I know about the WFP comes from Sirota's book "The Uprising," which as I recall does provide (some-)warts-and-all coverage. I'm half-laughing at the idea of having endorsed Spitzer and, especially, the  disaster that is Paterson.

My point in highlighting the the point rossl made about SEIU getting into bed with the WFP on healthcare is that I'd prefer that they be sleeping with us. I'm far from convinced that the GRP, or the Greens nationally, do enough to win the support of unions. I sometimes fear that our high-minded, long-term goals--to which I subscribe!--run counter the short-term needs of union members and other wage slaves (not to mention the unemployed).  

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