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Can the Stein Campaign Provide the Actual Numbers from the MA Primary?

by: michael horan

Mon Jun 11, 2012 at 12:42:08 PM EDT

I see that John Andrews is complaining about a media blackout when it comes to reporting results. Perhaps he or someone on Jill's staff can give us the actual vote tally (not delegates and not percentages--actual number of voters in MA who voted for JS in the 2012 presidential primary)?  
michael horan :: Can the Stein Campaign Provide the Actual Numbers from the MA Primary?
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Found it (0.00 / 0)
There are 6,472 registered Green Party Folks in MA and 41 of them voted in the primary ... of which Jill Stein walked away with 75% of the vote making the grand total ... about 30.  About 30 people voted for Jill Stein.  

Roseanne Barr picked up 9 votes
1 vote went to Gary Busey (the write in candidate)
And one voter left a walnut in the booth ... we're not sure how to interpret that vote.

Obama Extends The Patriot Act

The real results (0.00 / 0)
From a March 30 email from John Andrews:

Today we received the official results of the Green-Rainbow Party Presidential Preference Primary.  The primary was held on March 6,2012.  Appearing on the ballot lines were Kent Mesplay, Harley Mikkelson, Jill Stein, and
"No Preference".   1554 voters took Green-Rainbow ballots.   The results for each congressional district can be downloaded from the Secretary of State by going to

The statewide results were as follows:

Percentage of Total Votes Cast




No Preference

All Other



Of the votes that were actually cast for candidates - and not for "No Preference" or "blank" - the percentages were:

6.9%   Mesplay
79.2% Stein
6.5%   Mikkelson
7.4%   Other (Write-ins)

The Secretary of the Commonwealth has not provided a breakdown of the write-in votes.

Massachusetts will send 11 delegates to the Green Party national convention in Baltimore on July 12-15.  A preliminary analysis using the process specified in the party's Delegate Selection Plan indicates that we can
expect the delegates to be allocated as follows:

Mesplay    1
Mikkelson    1
Stein   7
Uncommitted 2

Whew. (0.00 / 0)
That's good news. If only 1500 voters bothered taking a Green ballot here in favorite-daughter land, I don't think we have much to fear about the Greens doing too much damage in other states come November.

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